Sen Studios

Sen Studios is an artist’s driven Makeup Academy.

We have two main sectors of education

Pro courses designed to help our students launch a career in this thriving industry

Our educators have thriving makeup careers. We have done makeups for the Country Music awards, the Junos, styling for Kim Kardashian, fashion week type more accolades here . Our studio teaches from an industry perspective. We are in the field working, and in the class teaching from our hands on experience. We share, with our students, all the tips and tricks we have learned to create flawless makeup and how to build the brand and business of their dreams. We want our students to be skilled artists as well as confident entrepreneurs. Building a brand they are proud of and marketing in authenticity, approachability, and transparency.

Private lessons for the everyday client

Sen Studios private lessons tackle the commun hurdles
that most of us face.

  • How do I know what products to choose?
  • How do I do makeup that I can see, without it being too dramatic and overdone?
  • How do I confidently fix mistakes.

Sen Services

It is our goal to remain artists first and foremost. We want to continue to have that one-on-one client experience. We want to take the image our clients have in their head and bring it to life for them. We want them in our chairs so that they can kick start the milestones and the celebrations in their life. Our clients are the whole reason we have grown our company over the past 3 decades, we will always honor our artistry roots.

Meet Our Team